Getting DRS VMotion info from you database

Ever wanted to know how often DRS is vmotioning your VMs?

You can extract this info from the VC database by the following query:

With the following SQL command, you can extract the info:

SELECT vpx_event.event_type, vpx_event.vm_name, vpx_event.create_time from vpx_event where event_type like ‘%migrate%’

(Credits go to: Dave.Mishchenko

Now if you filter on the event_type “vim.event.DrsVmMigratedEvent” you see all DRS Vmotions. Eventtype vim.event.VmMigratedEvent is for manual vmotions.

Looking at the VI environment my customer is running, I got the following results (after playing a bit in Excel):

Over a period of 285 days, we had:

1962 DRS vmotions (6.8 per day)

181 Manual vmotions (0.63 per day)

And the VMs that got vmotioned most often:

vm01 (2vcpu 4Gb) 49x
vm02 (4vcpu 4Gb) 44x
vm03 (2vcpu 1,5Gb) 41x
vm04 (4vcpu 4Gb) 39x
vm05 (4vcpu 4Gb) 35x

This out of a total of 400+ VMs.